蓝芯科技 蓝芯科技
Food Industry
Large food factory a stack of material
In the production process of a large-scale beverage manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, there is a high-frequency bags of sugar handling work. While workers are finishing the bags of sugar, They need to put bags of sugar together by themselves, which takes up a large amount of working time and manpower, This will also case insufficient material on production line or accumulation of goods.
The industrial-grade 3d vision camera can satisfy the requirement of the stack-type field of vision of the common sacks, and output high-quality 3d data to the tightly stacked and wrinkled products.
Visual system
Including Intelligent camera hardware, industrial computer, mouse, keyboard and supporting software.
Industrial robot mechanism and other integrated parts
Support for IP. TCP Communication Protocol.
Automatically identify palletizing and begin work when goods are in place.
시행 난이도
  • SACK stack
  • deep and shallow fold
  • the boundary is not clear;
  • There is dust in the field environment;
고객에게 주어지는 가치
3d Vision Camera
High precision, high speed, wide field of vision.
3d point cloud data
Not Clear gunny bag goods can output complete, clear high-quality 3d point cloud data.
Intelligent path planning
Choose the proper path and angle of entry to avoid collision.
To support different objects
Various box/box, bag, bottle objects.
Quick deployment
The robot can be operated with simple training without writing code.